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Dear Parents / Guardians,

I hope you are well and pleased with the start your child has made in this new academic year.  We are delighted with the positive attitudes of the children and with how well they have settled  and adapted to their new learning environment.  

We are adhering to the DfE guidance and ensuring that practical ‘systems of control’ are in  place to keep both children and staff safe. I emailed the ‘school implementation plan’ to you  in July – this details how we are keeping everyone safe in relation to all the guidance and is a  point of reference for you. 

Thank you for helping us to make our ‘one-way’ system for dropping children off and collection  so smooth and easy. I genuinely appreciate that it can be an inconvenience to exit a different  gate but your co-operation supports us to help minimise risk – thank you. 

I have included a ‘Ranvilles Communication’ reference table with this letter. We hope to ensure  and maintain effective home / school communication and the table identifies who is the best  person to contact in relation to your need. I hope you find it both useful and informative. Please  do not be offended if you are re-directed to the best person; as a team we focus on efficiency  and effectiveness while maximising individual strengths. Key personnel are responsible for  specific aspects of school life and these will be the best people to help you. 

As a school we have decided to maintain ClassDojo for ‘learning’ communication as we can  see many positives to it. I will write to you again shortly to share how we plan to use ClassDojo  in more detail. ClassDojo offers you the convenience of contacting the teacher should you  need to. Please be advised that I have asked teachers to respond, when they can, between  the hours of 08.30am and 4.30pm only. Please also allow time for a reply. After school  teachers are typically in meetings and planning and preparing for the next day’s teaching and  learning. Should you require a quick reply, please consider contacting an alternative colleague who will be happy to help. 

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Angela Williams, Headteacher

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