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Our Visions and Values

Our logo

Our school logo represents who we are now. The part that cannot be seen represents the future…the unknown…what we are working towards.

Working in partnership is the key to optimising success.

Our School Motto

Our School Values

  • Secure and happy individuals
  • Talented contributors
  • Ambitious learners
  • Responsible teammates and
  • Successful communicators

Our Mission

We will live our school values through our EPIC learning journey.

We will:

  • E: Encourage big questions – become ‘experts’
  • P: Positively push new boundaries – value mistakes as a trigger for new learning
  • I: Inquire and Interrogate – think hard and dig deep
  • C: Connect and challenge – be the best you can be

Our School Vision

Commit to making a positive impact to help create a world that values, embraces and celebrates diversity

Learning Values

Practise, Prove and Perfect…EPIC


Exploration and Evaluation






Challenge, Co-operation & Collaboration, Creative Thinking

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