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Curriculum Enrichment: Trips, Visits and Theme Days

Our curriculum has been created to inspire children to be themselves, explore and excel. All children will commit to make a positive impact to help create a responsible world that values, embraces and celebrates diversity. Learning does not just take place in the classroom, and one essential way that this is achieved is through our curriculum enrichment, which is achieved primarily through three ways:

  • Trips and visits to local sites of interest and learning.
  • Visitors and Experts to Ranvilles Junior School.
  • Theme days and Assemblies.

Please click below to explore the range of Curriculum Enrichment Activities that children enjoy at Ranvilles Junior School.

HMS Ranvilles Day

One per term – Autumn, Spring and Summer

Our Forces children (and families) often face unique challenges in their lives, including frequent school/house moves, as well as regular periods of separation from their serving parent for varying lengths of time due to training, operations, deployments and postings. We appreciate that this can be hard for all involved so we ensure that the services and opportunities our school offers is supportive to meet needs.

Our Forces children and families are very much part of our whole school community. Throughout the course of the year there are many opportunities to focus as a whole school team on this through celebrating our community on our HMS Ranvilles Days.

World Book Day


World Book Day changes lives through a love of books and reading. Our mission is to promote reading for pleasure, offering every child and young person the opportunity to have a book of their own. Reading for pleasure is the single biggest indicator of a child’s future success and we want to see more children with a life-long habit of reading for pleasure and the improved life chances this brings them.

Author Visit

Spring term

In collaboration with World Book Day, Ranvilles Junior School organise the chance for an author to come in to our school and inspire the children first hand. The author presents to the children about their own inspiration, what they feel it takes to be a creative author, and how children can follow their own ideas and dreams to write their own texts. During 2024, we welcomed Guy Bass to the school, an award-winning author of humourous and adventurous children’s books such as Stitch Head, Spynosaur and Dinkin Dings.

Sports Day

Summer term

One of the highlights of the year is the Ranvilles Junior School Sports Day. This exciting event encourages our children to excel in sporting activities through contributing their talents and supporting their teammates responsibly at all times. The event supports children to develop as secure and happy individuals through giving them a range of skills to participate in and celebrates their own individual sporting identity. The winning house will lift the House Cup.

Day Trip to Butser Ancient Farm

Autumn term

What was it like to live in the Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age? Our children embark on a journey through time to this world-leading destination for experimental archaeology and education, bringing the past to life through hands on, immersive, practical activities that are accessible for all. This trip brings our history topic to life and creates context for other curriculum subjects.

Christmas Nativity

Autumn term

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Celebrate Christmas with our incredible festive celebration as performed by our talented Year 3 children. Support them as they act, dance, sing and entertain, building their confidence, alongside their music, speaking and listening skills. Through presenting our version of The Christmas Nativity,  all Year 3 children are supported in becoming secure and happy individuals. Parents and carers of children in Year 3 are welcome to attend the performances as we countdown to Christmas.

Day Trip to Marwell Zoo

Spring term

Linking to our Geography Rainforests topic, our Year 4 children will travel to Marwell Zoo where they will explore the wonders of the natural world. We will explore the Tropical House at Marwell, where children can experience face-to-face encounters with a diversity of wildlife and exotic creatures while exploring the rainforest biome. Furthermore, children will investigate animal habitats and their specific adaptations that help us to classify the animals in science.

Day Trip Surveying the River Wallington

Summer term

In our Geography topic, we will investigate the enquiry question What are rivers and how are they used? Well, the best way to begin answering this is by visiting a river! Year 4 visit our nearby River Wallington, where they visit the river at different places, exploring the meanders and river channel before reaching the river’s mouth at Fareham Creek.  Through the visit, our children explore the features of a river and how humans interact and use the river for different purposes, including features of coastal protection.

Day Trip to Weald & Downland Museum

Spring term

Year 5 travel to the Weald & Downland Museum to explore what life was like in Tudor England. Through exploring the different museum buildings, our children participate in craft presentations to develop their knowledge and understanding of Tudor life, whilst also exploring artefacts from the Tudor period to enrich their learning fully.

Day Trip to Winchester Science Centre

Summer term

Our trip to the Winchester Science Centre enhances children’s knowledge and understanding of a number of science units: it consolidates the Forces, Earth & Space knowledge from the spring term, whilst developing the children’s knowledge of the Imbalanced Forces for the summer term. The highlight is the Planetarium Experience – something that really brings the children’s understanding to life.


Autumn term

Cycling is more than a hobby – it’s a life skill. Once you take to two or three wheels, it opens doors to so much more! At Ranvilles Junior School, Year 6 pupils are given the opportunity to learn how to ride a bike, master their skills so they are safe on the roads, and perform basic safety checks of air, brakes, chain and direction before every ride. Pedal power has the potential to protect the planet from harm caused by vehicle emissions, as well as bringing incredible health benefits to the individual, so children have the opportunity to join the Bikeability family and complete the courses.

Residential Trip to Marchants Hill PGL

Spring term

Our residential to Marchants Hill is an excellent opportunity for our children to embed the Ranvilles STARS: to be secure and happy individuals, to be talented contributors, to be ambitious learners, to be responsible teammates and to be successful communicators. All children will have the opportunity to challenge themselves in a different environment and to thrive in new circumstances by discovering new passions and strengths.

Day Trip Fieldwork Enquiry to Fareham Town Centre

Summer term

Our summer trip to Fareham town centre will give the opportunity for all children to carry out an independent fieldwork enquiry in their locality. In school, children will develop an enquiry question before organising their data collection methods. Children will map the route before then completing their enquiry in person. Once back at school, children will analyse and present the data in a meaningful context as responsible citizens within their local community.

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