Schools must take an attendance register twice a day, which is a legal document that is kept for five years. Any absences will be recorded with a specific code depending on the type of absence.If your child is ill, please use the following guidelines to assist you in the recommended period a child may be absent for. Please click here.

Absences fall into two main categories:

authorised – those which schools can give you permission for
unauthorised – those which they will not.
Examples of absences which the school is unlikely to authorise can include:

sickness of a parent, or other family member
inadequate clothing for school
child being used as a carer
problems with transport
non-urgent medical treatment
school refusal or truancy
days off for birthdays, shopping trips
family holiday since new regulations came in September 2014.

If your child needs a leave of absence you must ask for permission in advance. The headteacher can only approve the absence if he/she views them to be exceptional reasons. The headteacher also decides on the number of days to authorise or unauthorise. You can request a leave of absence form from your school.

Further details may be downloaded here

leave of absence request form :

Code of Conduct Letter to Parents and Carers

Guidance on authorised absence in schools – October 2014