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Home / School Liaison

Through our home school link agreement the school promises to:

  • Create a happy and positive learning environment 
  • Teach and encourage children to excel and be safe physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
  • Foster confidence to enable children to report any concerns

We ask parents to:

  • Work in partnership with us to help children excel and develop a positive well-being
  • Support practice outlined in the Health & Safety, Child Protection, Physical Social & Health/ Sex Education and Behaviour for Learning policies

Simone Turner (Miss T)

Simone Turner (Miss T), our Home/School Link Worker, helps us to weave fantastic links with school and home. Please feel very welcome to contact her should you wish to share any information which will support your child in school. Miss T is very happy to meet with you in person or connect with you on the phone – we are genuinely interested in all aspects of a child’s life and will work in close partnership with you to help and support your child to shine.

Home/School Link Worker Contact

Phone: 01329 841679


Connect via ClassDojo 


  • You will receive two reports each academic year outlining holistic outcomes 
  • You are encouraged to connect via ClassDojo to communicate with your child’s teacher 
  • You will be invited to attend Parent Evenings and we will ensure you have opportunities to see your child’s work
  • Children will have regular opportunities to share their work with you in Open Mornings
  • You are welcome to request access to your child’s work at any time