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Year 6 Phased Return Letter to Parents

Dear Year 6 Parents / Guardians,

I hope you and your family are well. I am writing to share key information with you regards the announcement from the government that schools should phase a return for Year R, Year 1 and Year 6 children. As a Junior school, the principle aim is to focus on Year 6 pupils transition to secondary school. 

The government has now published a number of documents which contain further details around the phased re-opening of schools for YR, 1 and 6. Some of you may already have seen the following document which is guidance specifically for parents:

In this letter I will assure you of the following: 

Decision Making: 

  1. As parents you have the right to keep your child at home – you have a choice 2. You will not incur a fine if you opt to keep your child at home 
  2. My priority commitment to Year 6 children and staff is to safeguard to the best of my ability – risk assessments have been carried out in my decision making 
  3. The principle focus for the phased return of Year 6 is to support pupils’ well-being and transition to secondary school 
  4. The school governors fully support my priorities and decision making Phase 1 – Year 6 Return to School – Practicalities 
  5. Year 6 children will be invited to return to school on a phased return from Monday 1 June 
  6. The children have been organised into groups of 8 children 
  7. Class teachers have identified the group members using their knowledge of friendship groups and who works well together 
  8. The number of children in a Year 6 classroom will not exceed 8 
  9. The group of 8 children will be led by their class teacher (this is important to us)
  10. The group will be invited to attend school for one day a week to focus on transition (you will be advised of this day in a separate letter – year 6 siblings will be invited on the same day) 
  11. Classroom tables will be positioned to maintain a 2m distance 
  12. Children are required to bring their own pens/ pencils / rulers etc. into school to use (other resources such as paper will be provided) 
  13. Year 6 teachers will share safeguarding expectations regards social distancing 10. A third adult will work in the shared area to supervise the use of toilets which will allow for single entry 
  14. You will be required to provide your child with a packed lunch – children in receipt of free school meals will have a lunch provided 
  15. Year 6 will either eat outside on the field or in the Year 3 classrooms opposite (no more than 8 children will be seated in these classrooms) 
  16. Lunchtime supervisors will attend school daily to supervise the children 14. If your child is also in the key-worker category, they will be able to attend school on the required additional days (you are required to complete the booking form) 

Phase 1 – Year 6 Return to School – Focus for the children 

  1. The teachers have plans to make this a memorable experience and will use their expertise to reassure and prepare the children for the next stage of their learning 2. Learning will focus on well-being, social and emotional aspects of growth and the practicalities of transition 
  2. Children will be enabled to reflect on their primary school experiences and prepare to say ‘Good-bye’ 

Phase 1 – Year 6 Return to School – Home/Learning 

  1. Home/learning will be provided for the children to focus on while at home – there are plans to develop this further and detailed information will be sent to you in a separate letter 
  2. ClassDojo will be used as a platform for communication with work shaped around a particular focus to encourage collaboration 
  3. You are not obliged to complete the suggested home/learning – it is provided as support and guidance 

You will find that different schools will offer different versions of a phased return. I have proposed this version as Phase 1 prioritising the safety and well-being of all. I cannot guarantee you that children will remain 2m apart on all occasions; I can only assure you that the conditions I facilitate encourage this and they will be supported and reminded to be mindful. The school will also have floor markings to encourage children to maintain distances and allow children to enter the building safely. Signs around the school will encourage regular handwashing and separate bins will be provided for discarding tissues. 

I understand that some children and families will be shielding and will not be able to attend school at present. I also recognise that there will be families who are very anxious about the return to school. I will work in close partnership with you to reassure you that we are taking all reasonable steps to minimise the risks to children and staff by sharing our plans in full. 

In the first instance, and in response to this letter, I would like to gauge numbers and ask that you email to inform the school whether you plan for your child to attend on their designated day. If you have any questions, please also feel welcome to share them in the email. Questions will be collated and I will answer the details in full in a corresponding letter. Please also be advised that while I have detailed information in this letter, the specifics regards how children enter school, how they will be collected, will also be addressed in a separate letter to reassure you. 

Thank you for your continued support. Please give my very best wishes to your child too.

Yours sincerely

Angela Williams, Headteacher