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Year 6 Curriculum

To help our children foster a love for learning in the world they live in we will:

  • develop every child academicallyemotionally and socially
  • help them to build their own personal valuesbeliefs and identity
  • support them to be happy and comfortable in who they are
  • promote open-minds
  • grow values that nurture diversity and equality

We will achieve this through:

  • a project based curriculum which links and weave subjects
  • a journey based on clear and ambitious knowledge and skills progression
  • lines of spiritualmoralsocial and cultural enquiry
  • finding out and learning about the pastthe presentpeople and places in order to shape the future
  • thinking from different perspectives: debatereflect and evaluate principled choices

Year 6 Project Learning

In year 6 children’s learning will be structured in 6 projects centred around the SMSC concepts of conflict, innovation, social injustice, sustainability, fair trade and looking forward.

Information on each of these projects can be found in the links below

Project 1 - Keep Calm and Carry On!
Concept of Conflict
Project 2 - Discovering the Decades!
Concept of Innovation
Project 3 - In Search of Justice!
Concept of Social Injustice
Project 4 - Our World, Our Future!
Concept of Sustainability
Project 5 - The Future is Fair!
Concept of Fair Trade
Project 6 - Our Ever Changing Lives!
Concept of Looking Forward