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Year 5 Curriculum

To help our children foster a love for learning in the world they live in we will:

  • develop every child academicallyemotionally and socially
  • help them to build their own personal valuesbeliefs and identity
  • support them to be happy and comfortable in who they are
  • promote open-minds
  • grow values that nurture diversity and equality

We will achieve this through:

  • a project based curriculum which links and weave subjects
  • a journey based on clear and ambitious knowledge and skills progression
  • lines of spiritualmoralsocial and cultural enquiry
  • finding out and learning about the pastthe presentpeople and places in order to shape the future
  • thinking from different perspectives: debatereflect and evaluate principled choices

Year 5 Project Learning

In year 5 children’s learning will be structured in 6 projects centred around the SMSC concepts of legacy, migration, diversity, change, enterprise and perception

Information on each of these projects can be found in the links below

Project 1 - The Great, The Bold, The Brave!
Concept of Legacy
Project 2 - Expedition to Europe!
Concept of Migration
Project 3 - Trip of a Lifetime!
Concept of Diversity
Project 4 - Growing and Changing!
Concept of Change
Project 5 - The Apprentice!
Concept of Enterprise
Project 6 - Raiders or Traders!
Concept of Perception