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Year 4 Times Tables Test

Dear Parents / Guardians,

The year 4 children have been working hard to learn their times tables. It is heartening that most of the children learn their timetables using ‘TT Rockstars’ as part of their daily homework. Knowing their times tables to 12 x 12 and their related division facts give children the skills needed to access the maths curriculum competently and confidently. From June 2020 it is statutory that all year 4 children take part in an on-line Government initiated multiplication test.

At school, the children have also been learning and practising their times tables using ‘TT Rockstars’. They have also been practising using an on-line test; this is similar to the one they will sit in June. These stress-free sessions have meant the children are becoming familiar with the test format and understand what is expected of them.

In the coming weeks the children will continue to use the on-line familiarisation tests. These will boost the children’s confidence to recall and input their answers with accuracy. If you would like your child to practise this at home, the web address is:

Here are some other top tips to help your child:

  1. Use times table wall charts: these show all the answers for a particular times table. You will be amazed how quickly children will learn their tables when they see these number facts every day.
  2. Learn tricks for difficult times tables: there are clever tricks for remembering several of the times tables, e.g. double x2 facts to get x4 facts, double x3 to get x6 facts, double x4 to get x8 facts, and double x6 to get x12 facts.
  3. Play times table games: games and challenges are a great way to support learning, and a few minutes a day will make all the difference. Why not play snap with some times table flashcards, matching the sums to the answers as fast as you can?

We would appreciate your support. Please remind your child to learn their times tables and division facts as a part of their daily homework routine, this will support them to become competent mathematicians.

Thank you for your continued support,

Year 4 team.