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Update 25.9.20

Dear Parents / Guardians

Thank you to everyone who is supporting the new systems and routines we have implemented this term owing to Covid-19. The children are adapting well in school and taking responsibility for following the new rules in order to keep us all safe.

There are still aspects of the systems of control that we need to tighten and improve to do our best to ensure we all stay well. We ask for your support in the areas outlined below:

Morning Arrival

Children have been given a designated time slot for their arrival in the morning. These timeslots allow for class bubbles to operate effectively, accessing toilets on entry to wash hands without mixing with children from other classes. We do appreciate that morning routines can be tricky but ask once again that you send your child to school within the time frame window so children do not have to queue to come in, wait to wash hands or miss vital learning. The timeslots are as follows:

  • Years 5 and 6 – 8:40-8:50
  • Years 3 and 4 – 8:50-9:00

If your child arrives at school within their time frame, they are able to walk straight into school, avoiding queues and blocking pathways, and enabling us to operate the internal systems of Covid-19 control effectively.

Home Time

Thank you to everyone for following our one-way system through the school. We do ask that you keep younger children next to you whilst on site to enable social distancing and their safety. No child should be playing on the play equipment on the playground or field. It is necessary for us to keep classroom windows open at this time to allow for airflow through the classroom – it is one of our systems of control to reduce contamination. We ask that you do not allow younger children to go near the classroom windows at the end of the day – it can prove distracting for the teacher and children in the class as well as increasing contamination risk factors. Thank you.

PE Kit

We asked that children attend school wearing their PE kit on designated PE days. As a reminder, PE kit should consist of:

  • black shorts suitable for sport (as old ones need replacing)
  • House coloured T-shirt (except year 3 and new pupils who have T-Shirts on order)
  • trainers
  • a navy blue tracksuit (as plain as possible please). We are currently working with Skoolkit to see if they can source a Ranvilles navy tracksuit (for next year) and will advise when this is available to purchase.

PE kit must be adhered to as it is the children’s school uniform for the day.

Thank you for your continued support

Yours sincerely

Angela Williams, Headteacher