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Service Children Premium

Service Child Premium.

We are proud to have so many children in our school who have a parent(s) serving in the Armed Forces. We work in close partnership with HMS Collingwood to provide, support and build on pupil need and have been privileged to have so many serving personnel visit our school community to work in partnership with us.
We work with parents to identify the needs of children in order to ensure that we can support pupils as effectively as possible. Our team has the ability to offer both academic tuition and emotional support through the investment of time, expertise and provision.

School Offer
  • Tuition to Support Academic Achievements
    1. Small group tuition with a teacher to develop conceptual understanding
    2. Small group tuition with a Teaching Assistant to engage with intervention programmes
    3. 1-1 tuition to focus on specific need
  • Emotional Support
    1. Emotional Literacy Support with a
    designated Teaching Assistant
    2. FEIPS – a 1-1 programme that enables children to explore their feelings / understanding and pastoral skills
    3. A key worker to touch base with children daily to check how they are feeling
  • Whole School Armed Forces Days
    1. All children focus on the role of the Armed Forces and leadership skills / qualities serving personnel hold
    2. The whole school honours and respects key dates in history and Remembrance day
  • HMS Collingwood Partnership
    1. Engaging with outreach work to promote the work of the Armed Forces
  • HMS Ranvilles / Sharing of Pupils’ Achievements
    1. Children meet at the end of term to present their achievements in a special book
Purpose of the Offer
  • 1. To ensure that children deepen their understanding of core skills to maximise their learning abilities
    2. To support pupils who move schools with curriculum coverage
    3. To help children reach age-related expectations as described by the Dept. for Education
  • 1. To support children who feel sad / emotional in coping with a parent who is away from home.
    2. To focus on individual need in a greater depth with  a practitioner who has been trained by and Educational Psychologist
    3. To ensure children have an opportunity to catch up with and speak to a member of staff they trust
  • 1. children appreciate & understand the roles serving personnel might adopt & the significance of this role both historically and now
    2. serving personnel can visit the school to talk about their role to develop & enhance the children’s understanding
    3. children can interact as a community to appreciate that parents have a significant/different job but that we are a school family
  • 1. To develop STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) across the year groups at planned intervals
  • 1. Children have the opportunity to prioritise work they are proud of to share with mum/dad
    2. Children take time to reflect to prepare for a homecoming