Physical Activity

Physical Activity

Children are encouraged to take part in physical activity on a daily basis in school. We participate in national initiatives such as ‘walk to school’ week as well as in school opportunities.

The Golden Mile

Children take part in the Golden Mile twice per week within their PE lessons as well as an additional time. Children are able to walk, skip, jog, run the Golden Mile – the aim is for them to be physically active for 10 minutes. Certificates are presented through house assemblies for children achieving a range of mile milestones. Competitions are set across the school to encourage children to challenge themselves both individually and as a team.

Break and Lunch Times

Break times and lunch times also offer a range of physical activities for the children to be involved in. Activities range from shooting practise for basketball and netball to team games, tennis to skipping. Our lunch time staff encourage children to take part and enjoy being physically active.