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Our Intent

Through PE, physical activity and sport we aim to:

1.Promote a life-long love and enjoyment

2.Encourage healthy lifestyles now and for the future

3.Support the development of our EPIC school learning values and life skills of: Exploration, Evaluation, Perseverance, Independence, Creative Thinking, Cooperation and Collaboration, Challenge

4.Encourage confidence in order to support health and fitness

5.Facilitate and encourage daily activity

6.Develop personal qualities of leadership, team work, sportsmanship, intrinsic motivation, fairness, respect and resilience

7.Compete in competitive sport as well as promoting our elite athletes

8.Ensure all children are water confident and understand basic self-rescue. We aim for as many children as possible to achieve a minimum of 25m

Implementation of our Intent

In accordance with our intent above, please see our breakdown of our implementation:

All children have 2 physical education lessons each week in which they are taught the aspects of the National Curriculum. At key stage two the National Curriculum states that: “Pupils should continue to apply and develop a broader range of skills, learning how to use them in different ways and to link them to make actions and sequences of movements. They should enjoy communicating, collaborating and competing with each other. They should develop an understanding of how to improve in different physical activities and sports and learn how to evaluate and recognise their success”.

Over the academic year children engage in a number of team and individual sports. Skills and knowledge are progressively planned for. Within the sessions there is a focus on competitive sport. Throughout all the sessions, children are encouraged to challenge themselves to compete to achieve their personal best.

Swimming is a passion of ours. Children are taught in year 3 and year 5. All children are assessed and receive top up swimming tuition in order to aid them to swim 25m and beyond. All children swim in year 5 regardless of ability. Basic self-rescue skills are taught as part of these lessons in the water, supported by theory sessions in PSHE.

Children are encouraged to take part in physical activity on a daily basis in school. We also participate in national initiatives.

The Ranvilles Mile

Children take part in the Ranvilles Mile twice a week within their PE lessons as well as additional time. Children are able to walk, skip, jog, run the Ranvilles Mile – the aim is for them to be physically active for 10 minutes. Certificates are presented through House assemblies for children achieving a range of milestones. Competitions are set across the school to encourage children to challenge themselves both individually and as a team.

Break and Lunch Times

Break times and lunch times also offer a range of physical activities for the children to be involved in. Activities range from basketball and netball practise to team games, tennis and skipping. Our lunch time staff encourage children to take part and enjoy being physically active.

All children are encouraged to be competitive. This may be in the form of a direct competition with another person or team or competing with themselves to achieve personal bests. We encourage children to challenge themselves and persevere towards improving their performance through evaluation and practise. We celebrate personal best achievements in the lessons.

Through House competitions we promote competitive sport for all children (level 1). House competitions are run every half term focused on the sports taught over the term. The children develop their skill in a team game and then compete against other Houses in a bid to earn House points for their team.

There are also 2 whole school sports events each year:

  1. The first is House Games Day where all children take part in team sports promoting the enjoyment of physical activity and competition. Children compete for themselves and their House.
  2. The second event is Ranvilles Athletics Day. All children are grouped by ability in order to participate and compete. Elite athletes have the opportunity to perform and all children with a love for athletics can participate.

Children who evidence a high standard and excel in particular sports are then selected to represent the school in competitions against other schools (level 2) with an aim to compete at the Hampshire Games at the end of the academic year (level 3).

A key focus for our sports coach is to develop our elite athletics, teaching and training them for inter-school sports events. We also promote a healthy lifestyle, encouraging a change for life.

On entry to the school, children are assessed in sport and grouped into their House: Wembley (red), Murrayfield (blue), Windsor (Green) and Liberty (yellow). The Houses are named after UK stadiums as voted for by the children in 2018.

Year 6 House captains lead the Houses, promoting our school learning values in PE as well as other subjects. They lead House assemblies to inspire children in sport and to celebrate children’s successes both in and out of school.

Children earn House points for evidencing the school learning values through PE and sport as well as other subjects, with the House cup being presented weekly to the house earning the most points.

A list of clubs available – please contact the school office for more details

Boys & Girls Football





Cross Country


Fun Fitness