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Letter to pupils from Mrs Williams

Dear Team Ranvilles,

The sun has been shining and I hope this makes you smile. If you have a garden, this is a time to be very grateful; you can enjoy playing outside and appreciate some fresh air. I know some of you do not have gardens; I hope you are enjoying daily exercise/ a walk outside and can also benefit from fresh air too – I know this can be difficult – fingers crossed for you. This is a time when we might find ourselves thinking about what we are most grateful for and the things that are the most important. I have found myself doing this – a lot!Β 

I am very grateful to be healthy. I hope that you and your families are all well too. I have been thinking of you every day. It is hard listening to some of the incredibly sad things that are happening in the world just now. Eating well, looking after ourselves, being considerate of others and getting lots of sleep are all things that we can keep trying to do to stay healthy – as well as staying at home of course! I could probably do with exercising a bit more – I will try harder to keep up with Joe Wicks (I can’t believe most of you voted in assembly to say that you think Mr castell would beat me in a race)!!!Β 

You might be wondering what we are all doing at home – well, we are all still very busy planning things for you to do now and in the future – when we return to school. We are looking at the lessons we plan and the concepts we study – developing and improving them and trying to make them as exciting and informative as we possibly can. We have also been completing lots of online training and of course we are going into school, on a rota, to look after key worker children who are still coming to school to allow their parents to work.Β 

I had the loveliest email and letter from Mrs Harris and some of her NHS staff colleagues; I hope you saw it posted on our school Facebook page. You will remember that, just before school closed, we had the opportunity to bring in some tinned / dried food or chocolate. Mrs Harris shared the chocolate and cards with as many NHS workers that she could. Chocolate generally makes people happy but I think that just knowing that you were thinking of all the NHS staff made them feel valued and hopefully very special. They are indeed incredibly special, gifted and selfless people who we are relying on to help us all heal and allow us to return to school. It is good to be grateful and show appreciation – this is something we focus on in our assemblies every day.Β 

We also had a message from Mr and Mrs Hall on our Facebook page thanking us for the lovely thought to donate to the Fareham and Gosport Foodbank. It is really important that we look after and help each other – especially in a time of crisis. I am very grateful to be able to buy food and also to have a home to live in. I have been finding lots of things to do in my home – things that I typically put off. When I finish writing to you, I am going to clean the windows!!!!!! This is a job I typically put off!Β 

There are maybe lots of things that you wish you could be doing right now. I also bet you have discovered new things to do too – some that really help out around the house and are appreciated. Other things that might bring a smile to someone because you have been so thoughtful. When you think of someone else, when you go out of your way to do a little something for them, you can spread much happiness; it is always good to feel appreciated and valued and it is also great to feel that you have made a positive contribution.Β 

I also hope that you are reading every day – polishing your Timetable Rockstars skills and practising your spellings and handwriting. Your teachers have planned some more work for you too. Every year group has work set which I hope will keep you busy, make you think deeply and challenge you. When you have completed a task you need to reflect and ask yourself, β€˜Have I worked to the very best of my ability?’ If you think that you can do better – challenge yourself to do this. House points can only be awarded for 100% effort.Β 

If you are very proud of your work you can take a photo / email it to as I can still give Headteacher awards online. You will need to explain to me why your work is EPIC (remember our learning values) and I will make a response and publish it on Facebook. Remember – I need your very best!!!Β 

I hope you enjoy completing the tasks set by your teachers – we all miss you very much. I hope you are being golden at home and shining like the little stars you are. Everyone is looking forward to being together again as a team. Until then, stay safe, make great choices and keep smiling.

Love and Best Wishes,

Mrs Williams x