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Letter to pupils from Mrs Williams 30.03.2020

Dear Team Ranvilles,

I hope you are all well, staying safe and making great choices at home. 

I have been thinking of you all, especially when I have been in school helping. It is very quiet without you – extremely quiet! Too quiet! I bet this means it is a bit noisier at home compared to usual. I know I spend a lot of my time asking you to, ‘walk and not run’ in corridors and to listen carefully in assemblies (especially when we are sharing pearls of wisdom) – but I would really, really love to hear your voices now and…today…I wouldn’t mind if you broke into a jog down the corridor ☺ 

The teachers have sent your parents lots of links and information to help you to work at home. I am going to ask you a big favour- please help your parents by showing them just how amazing you are at learning. Please read every day – read quietly to yourself and then aloud too. Practise different voices and tones- watch out too for the punctuation signposting and advising you what to do – have fun – enjoy it. Keep reading! 

Please can you also practise your handwriting! I know this is one of your least favourite things to typically do – but it is important. Practise letter shapes and sizes and joining. Look in your Home/School Planners for key spelling words and maybe even keep a daily diary detailing home events to look back on in time – record memories and feelings. 

Knowing your timetables is very important – you have been fantastic at TT RockStars. Keep practising and remember our battle with other schools. We were climbing to the top in the charts. If you have a daily diet – this will give us a fantastic boost and it will be great for you too! 

I have been trying to work from home and get Orla to do her school work too. It can be really tricky for me trying to juggle everything and I imagine it will be the same for your parents too if they are working from home. So – make thoughtful choices and be kind. Have fun too – show your parents how fit and agile you are while joining in with Joe Wicks’ fitness routines. Remind your parents about House Points (especially Murrayfield ) and see how many you can collect both for making good choices and having a fantastic attitude to your work. We can add House Points to the pots when you get back! A little work each day is just fine. 

Your teachers will write to you soon. I have asked them to try to make some phone calls too. We all miss you very much and can’t wait to see you all again – to be in the hall together and not worry about being two metres apart. Until that day, we all have to be responsible for playing our part. Many special people are working exceptionally hard and making selfless choices to battle this virus. We have to play our part too. We have to stay safe at home, make good choices and be respectful of the decisions our parents make to keep us safe. Remember the Green SAFE STAR and what it means. 

Look after yourself, each other and make positive choices. Keep smiling

I miss you lots!

Love from,

Mrs Williams x