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Headteachers Letter to Pupils

Dear Ranvilles Stars,

I hope you are all well. I am absolutely delighted that you are using ClassDojo to stay  in touch with your teacher. We all ABSOLUTELY LOVE learning about what you are  doing. We also think you are amazing especially if you are: 

  1. Staying Safe – being thoughtful and kind and asking for help if you need it! 2. Challenging yourself to be creative and innovative during lockdown –¬† practising your talents¬†
  2. Working hard ‚Äď reading daily ‚Äď having fun learning¬†¬†
  3. Being respectful, thoughtful, considerate and kind at home 
  4. Being the lovely superstars we know you are and making great choices  

Thank you for sharing what you have been doing. It would also be great if you can  send messages to tell us how you are feeling. We would love to know this and of  course, if we can help in any way…we absolutely will! 

I have something special to ask you! I have not told the teachers ‚Äď it is our secret!!!¬† On Wednesday 20 May it is National Thank a Teacher Day. Please can you help me¬† to make the teachers feel very special because they are missing you incredibly at the¬† moment? I think the Ranvilles Team is amazing! I love working at Ranvilles Junior¬† School and I think the staff are so very special. Can you help me to let them know how¬† much we value and think of them by doing a little something special like:¬†

  • Making a card¬†
  • Writing a poem¬†
  • Sharing a talent you have that they might have encouraged¬†
  • Sharing something special you can do because they helped¬†
  • Writing a RAP, song, message¬†¬†
  • Sharing some art work¬†
  • Showcasing your maths talents that they have supported¬†
  • ANYTHING you would like to share with them that show cases how special¬† they are will be FANTASTIC¬†

On Wednesday you can upload your work / video etc. to ClassDojo and the teachers¬† will be completely surprised ‚Äď I think they will probably cry and laugh at the same time!¬†¬†

Teachers come in all forms and are everywhere if we look closely ‚Äď there are some¬† very special ones with you at home too. Give them a big kiss and thank them for all¬† that they are doing for you. Let your parents know how special they are. They have¬† been doing everything they can to support you while juggling 101 other things too and¬† sometimes they will be asking themselves if they are doing a good enough job. Tell¬† them that they absolutely are!!!!! ‚Äď and thank them ‚ėļ¬†

I look forward to seeing your posts on ClassDojo and remember SSsssshhhhhhhhhh¬† it‚Äôs our little secret until then ‚Äď Wednesday 20 May 2020 ‚Äď Thank a Teacher / Teaching¬† Assistant ‚ėļ¬†

Take Care ‚Äď Stay Safe and keep making great choices!

Love From,

Mrs W x