Competitive Sport

Competitive Sport

All children are encouraged to be competitive. This may be in the form of a direct competition with another person or team or competing with themselves to achieve personal bests. We encourage children to challenge themselves and persevere towards improving their performance through evaluation and practise. We celebrate personal best achievements in the lessons.

Through house games we promote competitive sport for all children (level 1). House games are run weekly and the children develop their skill in a team game and then compete against other houses in a bid to earn house points for their team.

There are also 2 whole school sports events each year:

  1. The first is Ranvilles Sports Day where all children take part promoting the enjoyment of sport, physical activity and competition. Children compete for themselves and their house in skills based races to earn points for their houses.
  2. The second event is Ranvilles House and Athletics competition day. The house part of the event involves all children as an extension to our house games sessions. The athletics competition is designed for the elite athletes in the school. All children compete in heats as part of their athletics sessions to go on to race in the finals on the athletics afternoons. The children again represent themselves and their house in this event. All children in the school watch this event, promoting positive team ethos and support for their team members.

Children who evidence a high standard and excel in particular sports are then selected to represent the school in competitions against other schools (level 2) with an aim to compete at the Hampshire Games at the end of the academic year (level 3).