Ranvilles Junior School promotes a high standard of behaviour and an atmosphere where all members of the school are valued as individuals. The school believes in the development of self esteem, respect for others and self discipline. The golden rule for all members of the school community is:

‘Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself’.

Pupils are expected to be polite and to show respect for other people and property. Pupils should actively participate to the best of their ability to develop a passion for learning through:

  1. Questioning, challenging and valuing similarities and diversity
  2. Working collaboratively to develop independently
  3. Reflecting to improve – valuing academic, emotional and social achievements

Great emphasis is placed on positive reinforcement of behaviour through praise. We believe in ‘catching pupils getting it right!’   Pupils’ confidence and self-esteem are developed through encouragement, incentives and rewards, verbal, written and practical.

During reflection time, the children who have retained all 10 of their behaviour points, are presented with a special 10pt sticker.
Children have star responsibilities whilst in school. When dealing with any incidents of unacceptable behaviour we use our school behaviour ladder which clearly outlines sanctions that will be enforced.

Click here to view our School Behaviour Ladder

  • We do as we are asked straight away
  • We walk sensibly around the school
  • We keep our hands and feet to ourselves
  • We never swear, tease or bully
  • We look after equipment in and around the school
  • We do our best to work hard
  • We always speak politely