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Author: Ranvilles

Football News

School Football Team Cup Match Today we had our first fixture in the local cup competition. For this fixture, we travelled to Whiteley Primary with a squad of 9 children: Stanley, Bradley, Harry, Leyton, Oscar, Emily, Layla, Theo and James. The children were in good

A Ranvilles Christmas Wish

A¬†Ranvilles¬†Christmas¬†wish For¬†those¬†who¬†love¬†Christmas,¬†may¬†the¬†days¬†be¬†filled¬†with¬†memories¬†to¬†cherish.For¬†those¬†who¬†find¬†Christmas¬†difficult,¬†may¬†we¬†send¬†our¬†love,¬†strength¬†and¬†thoughts¬†over¬†the¬†coming¬†days.For¬†those¬†who¬†are¬†working¬†away¬†from¬†family¬†and¬†friends¬†–¬†we¬†are¬†thinking¬†of¬†you¬†all¬†and¬†thank¬†you¬†for¬†your¬†continued¬†dedication¬†and¬†service.For¬†those¬†who¬†just¬†need¬†a¬†virtual¬†hug¬†right¬†now¬†–¬†you‚Äôre¬†doing¬†just¬†great¬†–¬†you‚Äôve¬†got¬†this¬†–¬†consider¬†yourself¬†hugged! From¬†our¬†Ranvilles¬†Family¬†to¬†yours-¬†Happy¬†Christmas¬†x

Medical Treatment and Consent form

Please download this form to enable our trained staff to administer medications. If your child is asthmatic please compleate an Emergency Inhaer usage form. Medication and treatment consent Emergency inhaler consent

Congratulations to our Sporting Stars!

Well done Team Ranvilles! Last half term, all of the children took part in the Hampshire School Games Virtual Competitions for Run, Jump, Throw and Skipping. Today, we received certificates through the post! I am delighted to announce that we achieved: – 1st place in

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