Nelson the Sailor Bear’s Adventures

The Adventures of Nelson the Sailor Bear – click The Adventures of Nelson the Sailor Bear  to read the story.

The production of this book was made possible by a grant from the MOD Education Fund and we were able to produce a copy for all the children in school; service and non-service. The purpose of the book was to inform children of what happens when a ship is on deployment and also to provide emotional support for when a parent is away. We are in a somewhat unique position where approximately one-third of pupils at our school have a parent who is serving in the Armed Forces, so we wanted to grow awareness of service life within the school community, hence making the book available for all children in school.The project started with a teddy bear, called Nelson, who went on deployment with one of our parents on HMS Lancaster. The idea was that the children were regularly updated on Nelson’s life at sea and that they were able to find out more about the work of the  Royal Navy. The postcards and emails that we received were so fantastic that we wanted to develop a book for the children to keep. Furthermore, we wanted the messages within the book to help them at home when they were feeling sad about their parent’s deployment. We felt that the book could help support service parents with conversations they may have with their children surrounding deployments and their feelings and emotions. The book could also be used as a starting point for discussions around children’s’ lives and experiences as a service family. When producing the book, we found that children enjoyed sharing their common experiences thus developing  deeper connections with each other and support networks within the school.

See the link here for a case study published on the SCiP website (Service Childrens’ Progression Alliance.


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