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100 Things to Experience at Ranvilles

Welcome to Ranvilles Junior School

Be You... Explore... Excel

Ranvilles STARS: Be You… Explore… Excel

Our school is a very happy, focused and special place to learn through our curriculum called ‘Exploring the World… Exploring Me!’ We aim for all of our pupils to become life-long learners who appreciate that they can make a positive difference. At Ranvilles, we offer the opportunity to take part in many exciting activities… take a look and see!

Click below to view our 100 Things to Experience at Ranvilles:

Secure and Happy Learners

1. Learn how to stay safe physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually

2. Learn who to trust, how to help yourself and friends

3. Present your values to others in assemblies to share different faiths and values

4. Stay fit and healthy; look after your body

5. Learn to swim

6. Learn first aid

7. Gain proficiency in cycling

8. Discuss and debate spiritual, moral, social, and cultural issues in a creative curriculum

9. Register your voice through votes and questionnaires

10. Make a positive contribution to the school grounds

11. Explore and recognise the values of the British Armed Forces in ‘HMS Ranvilles’

12. Raise money for charity to help others stay safe

13. Value and contribute to sustainability – visit the sustainability centre

14. Visit and learn at Fareham Academy and other feeder secondary schools to prepare for the future

15. Receive support through ELSA

16. Receive support through our school counsellor

Talented Contributors

17. Play competitive sport

18. Represent your House at sports day

19. Perform in a play

20. Enjoy a film night

21. Dance at the disco

22. Dress up as a book character

23. Learn to play an instrument

24. Perform – play a musical instrument and sing in assemblies

25. Join the Great Egyptian Bake Off

26. Learn a range of dance styles

27. Paddle in a river

28. Make your own river on the school playground

29. Create art inspired by different artists

30. Take a trip to Marwell Zoo

31. Make your own rainforest in a box

32. Take part in the Polar Express Day

33. Experience an Earthquake

34. Learn to cook

35. Join the choir

36. Attend an after-school club

37. Go caving in the classroom

38. Mummify your friend

39. Design your own landmark to represent the United Kingdom

40. Try food from different countries and cultures

41. Learn percussion and perform to the school

42. Sing songs around a campfire at Marchants Hill

43. Support the Infant school with their sports day

Ambitious Learners

44. Become a Ranvilles Reading Master

45. Read for enjoyment, interest and to research

46. Join a library and explore the world through books

47. Write for a real purpose with passion, fluency, and accuracy

48. Spell accurately and with confidence

49. Be a confident master mathematician

50. Become a Times Table Rock Star

51. Research the past – explore history – Visit the Natural History Museum

52. Visit the Historic Dockyards

53. Visit, compare Fareham Town and Southwick Village

54. Experience and explore a Celtic Roundhouse at Butser Ancient Farm.

55. Join the Roman Army

56. Explore Portsmouth during the Blitz

57. Walk in the shoes of an evacuee

58. Bury a time capsule

59. Explode a volcano

60. Be inquisitive – become a scientist

61. Visit and investigate the Science Museum

62. Experience space in the planetarium

63. Contribute to the natural environment

64. Learn a foreign language

65. Display art at the Ranvilles Art Gallery

66. Develop cultural and religious awareness – visit the Church, the Synagogue, and the Mosque

67. Become a computer programmer

68. Be an EPIC learner and receive a Headteacher’s Award

Responsible Teammates

69. Know your Rights, Respect and value others and actively engage in your Responsibilities

70. Know and explore British Values

71. Celebrate diversity through music and art

72. Experience apartheid first hand through Chris Lubbe life story (Nelson Mandela’s bodyguard)

73. Enjoy learning from visitors in school

74. Debate passionately about topics of interest

75. Champion conservation and sustainability

76. Apply for Head Girl/Boy

77. Apply for a Prefect position

78. Apply for a Sports Captain position

79. Apply for a Learning Ambassador position

80. Apply to become a Sports Leader

81. Apply for a Technical Assistant position

82. Represent pupil voice

83. Discuss and debate topical issues at the SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) council

84. Receive an Oscar

85. Earn Star of the week

86. Earn a Headteacher Award

Successful Communicators

87. Learn how to communicate your thoughts and ideas respectfully and with confidence employing a range of strategies

88. Value the contributions of others that differ from your own

89. Demonstrate sophisticated learning and behaviour skills

90. Explore ideas, thoughts, morals, and values through Philosophy for Children

91. Make friends and enjoy the company of others

92. Experience the thrill of the outdoors at Marchants Hill

93. Guide and support peers through roles earned and qualified for

94. Lead school tours for visitors to share school practice and values

95. Support Year 2 children joining us in Year 3 through a welcome letter and planned learning opportunities

96. Learn about who we are now and consider who we will become in the future

97. Make informed choices with confidence and consideration

98. Lead whole school assemblies

99. Have the confidence to communicate successfully to make the right choices that reflect your values

100. Attend Star School to celebrate success

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