Year 6 Summer

Gateways to the World

How will my rights and responsibilities change in my future?

Concept of Enterprise

The final term at Ranvilles Junior School prepares children for their transfer to Secondary School.  Through the concept of Enterprise, the children lead our fundraising summer fair event; designing, creating and running the stalls in a bid to make a difference to the education of the children at Ranvilles Junior School.


Through a study on North America, they secure their understanding what it means to be safe – both emotionally, physical and mentally.  The children develop and are equipped with the skills needed to be successful in the next stages of their learning as well as in life in modern day Britain.

Throughout this term, the children explore how their rights and responsibilities will change in the future. The year 6 pupils take part in transition days to their new schools and our teachers support them to ensure that their transition to secondary school is as smooth as possible. The end of year production is the children’s final goodbye to Ranvilles Junior School, where they showcase their acting, singing and dancing talents, working collaboratively to produce and perform their show on stage at Fareham Community Church.



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