Year 6 Spring

In Search of Justice

Is it possible to break the cycle of injustice?

Concept of Social Injustice

Spring term finds year 6 in search of an answer to the question ‘ Is it possible to break the cycle of injustice?’  Learning begins with a study of the life of Nelson Mandela, hearing about his life firstSpring 6 hand from one of his personal bodyguards.  Apartheid in South Africa is explored and the children learn about and from Nelson Mandela about forgiveness as well as the impact their beliefs and moral values can have on society.  A historical case study of Benin (West Africa) follows, examining and drawing conclusions using sources as to whether society in those times was free from discrimination.

The aim of this project is to open children’s eyes and minds to the human rights they have and how these can be exploited across the world. The children will learn to empathise with, debate about and suggest solutions to the social injustice in the world.



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