Year 6 Autumn

Different People, Similar Lives

Is it right to fight?

Concept of Conflict

In this unit of work the children explore the reasons for conflict on a personal and global scale, exploring the question of ‘Is it right to fight?’ History and World War Two leads the learning in year sixAut 6 this term, enabling the children to develop a great understanding, through a range of engaging learning opportunities, as to what it was like to live in wartime Britain.  They explore the causes of conflict, how it affects people’s lives, how they coped and how it finally ended. Conflict on a personal scale is then examined in relation to the children’s experiences of the concept, developing their skills for resolving conflict peacefully.


By the end of this topic the children have developed a greater understanding behind the concept of conflict both in their own lives and throughout the world. They are able to explain some of the reasons for why conflict occurred throughout history and why it continues to occur today.



lEARNING JOURNEY IMAGE Explore the children’s learning journey for this topic. This document includes :

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