Year 5 Spring

The Great, The Bold and The Brave

Does my vote count?

Concept of Democracy

The spring term sees year five children exploring the key question ‘Does my vote count?’.  Through the context of Ancient Greece, the children learn about where democracy began, what it means to live in a democratic country and the impact it had on society in ancient times as well as today.  The project launches with the children taking part in the ‘Lights, Camera, Action Parliament competition where they create a new British Law and present it using their ICT skills.

Following on from the study of democracy in Ancient Greece, the children explore and develop an understanding of Parliament and democracy in Britain. This learning is then extended to Britain and Greece’s role in the European Union.

Through this unit of work the children understand that they have rights and that their voices should be heard. They are be able to explain democracy and understand how and why countries and Governments are run the way they are.

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