Year 4 Summer

Power of the Sea

How are we protected in the world we live in?

Concept of Protection

The Power of the Sea is year four’s summer term project that examines the concept of Protection and provokes thought in the children’s minds with regards the question ‘How are we protected in the Summer 4world we live in?’

Due to the location of the school and the large number of children with parents in the forces, this unit combines local history and locational geography through a focus on Britain’s armed forces. A planned trip to the Historic Dockyards in Portsmouth enhances the children’s learning opportunities, providing an opportunity to discover  and appreciate how the country’s protection has changed over the years and as a consequence how they are kept safe in our world today.

As with the other year four units, the concept of protection and keeping safe are made relevant to the children in their lives now as well as in the future.

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