Year 4 Spring

Our World, Our Future 

How can we learn from others to create the future we dream of?

Concept of Identity

In the project ‘Our World, Our Future’ the children investigate the concept of identity by learning about the country they live in.  They study some of the key turning points for Britain as a countrySpring 4through the arts and history of leisure and entertainment.  In addition the pupils develop an understanding and appreciation of the wide range of cultural influences that have shaped their own heritage.

By the end of this unit the children have a secure understanding of the country of Britain and its values. They recognise how and what influences their lives and learn to believe in themselves; have big dreams and have a greater awareness of the skills they need to develop to be successful in modern Britain.


The spring term of Our World, Our Future culminates in the pupils writing, rehearsing and performing a theatrical production, showcasing their learning of being a citizen of Britain.




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