Year 4 Autumn

Temples, Tombs and Treasures

How do risks and pressures we place upon each other influence our behaviour?

Concept of Power

Temples, Tombs and Treasures is an exciting topic in which the year four children explore the concept of power through the lives of people in Ancient Egypt.  They discuss the hierarchical system in 4 1Ancient Egyptian times and examine their thoughts and opinions linked to how people’s rights differed in those times compared with today. Throughout the unit the concept of power is explored in their lives, considering how it can be used to bring about both positive and negative outcomes.


The aim of this project is for children to understand how society is formed and how power can affect people and their behaviour.  They assess the impact and outcome of their behaviour within a variety of contexts, securing a sense of right and wrong and good moral values.


lEARNING JOURNEY IMAGE Explore the children’s learning journey for this topic. This document includes :

  • Aims and Outcomes of the topic
  • Topic Launch
  • National Curriculum Milestones and key skills specific to the topic
  • STARS learning journey focus