Year 3 Autumn

 Footprints through Time

‘How have people’s rights and responsibilities changed over time?’ 

Concept of Change

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Through the concept of change, the year three children will be challenged to explore the question ‘How have people’s rights and responsibilities changed over time?’ This begins in the context of themselves as they make the transition from Key Stage One to Key Stage Two, settling into a new school and new responsibilities.  The children will explore the footprint they have already left of the world and they kind of footprint they wish to leave in the future.

Once the children are fully settled into Ranvilles Junior School, the focus moves to a historical context, looking at the footprints left by people living in the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age. Through a range of cross curricular activities, they will develop an appreciation and understanding of life in pre-historical times, evaluating and recognising the impact these times have on their lives today.

The year three children will explore the Ranvilles Roles to support them both when working independently and within a group context, to begin their journey to becoming an active and positive citizen of modern Britain.



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