How we communicate with parents

Absent from School

Thank you for leaving a message on our school answerphone to let us know if your child is ill and absent from school. We will call you by 9.15am if we have not heard from you and will call each contact on the communication list until we know that your child is safe. We expect to see children in school every day and unless you tell us otherwise we will put safeguarding first and ensure that your child is safe by establishing where they are – thank you for your support.

Sharing information with the class teacher

You are welcome to complete a ‘teacher’s form’ at reception. This information will be shared with your child’s class teacher. This form can be collected at any point in the day and the information will be shared quickly.

You are very welcome to request a meeting with your child’s class teacher. Please contact the school office on 01329 841679 and a mutually convenient appointment will be made for you.

At the end of the school day

All teachers walk their class out of school at the end of the day. You are very welcome to share brief information / updates at this point too. Please be mindful of time required and privacy – you might feel more comfortable in the privacy of school with dedicated time.

Home/School Link Worker

Our Home/School Link Worker is Simone Turner (Mrs T). Simone is available every morning from 8.30am. Please feel welcome to come into the school reception; Simone will welcome you and take you to a quiet spot in the library in order to listen to you. You do not need to make an appointment to do this and if Simone is with a parent when you arrive, please take a set and you will be seen as soon as Simone is available.

Simone is also available at the end of the school day from 3.30pm. Again, please feel welcome to discuss matters by coming to reception.

For some Wednesdays in the school cycle Simone drives our children to London museums in our school mini-bus. Another member of staff will be happy to see you on these occasions.

Simone is also available during the day on request. Please call the school office to arrange an appointment and we will do our very best to arrange a convenient time.


We have four Child Protection Liaison Officers (CPLOs) at Ranvilles Junior. The names of the CPLOs are:

  1. Jen Johnson – Deputy Headteacher
  2. Clare Slowther – Deputy Headteacher
  3. Gayle Wallace – Inclusion Leader
  4. Angela Williams – Headteacher – Lead CPLO

These leaders will ensure the safety and wellbeing of all children and communicate with external services as appropriate. Should you have any concerns at all about the well-being of a Ranvilles pupil, please do not hesitate to request to speak with a CPLO.

Parents’ / Guardians’ Evening

We look forward to sharing academic and social/well-being updates with you throughout the school year. You will be invited to meet your child’s class teacher at the start of the academic year. Internal transition will ensure that your child’s new teacher has relevant information and academic targets to share with you. You will also be encouraged to share any information to support your child in their new environment.

Mid-way through the year you will be invited to attend another information evening. You are welcome to look through your child’s books and to discuss progress and attainment with the teacher. Your child’s well-being is important to us; please again feel welcome to share relevant information to help the teacher support your child in school.

At the end of the academic year you will be invited into school again following receipt of your child’s report. You are welcome and encouraged to discuss the report with the teacher and to celebrate achievements.

Dream…Believe…Achieve (DBA) mornings

On three occasions in the year you will be invited to attend a DBA morning. The school opens the doors to parents from 9.00am until 10.00am. You are invited into the hall to watch a short video capturing golden learning moments to date. You are then encouraged and welcome to work with your child in their class to complete challenges they have been set, discuss work to date and to celebrate achievements. These are very popular mornings with typically 120 parents on average in attendance.


Your child will reflect on their learning and effort mid-way through the year. They will complete a self-evaluation of their performance in relation to moral and academic education linked to Ranvilles’ STARS. They will self-assess effort grades and their teacher will share their evaluation of effort to date. A classification sheet will support you to appreciate the difference in being an A* and A pupil. If we are concerned about your child and the effort they are placing in tier learning, we will invite you to school for a discussion at the point of concern.

You will receive a comprehensive school report at the end of the academic year. The class teacher makes comprehensive and detailed assessments about your child and each of these judgements will be shared with you. The school report will cover holistic learning and well-being while also stipulating attendance.

These assessment details are also shared with each of our feeder secondary schools. We work in close partnership with secondary colleagues to ensure they have the relative assessment information to enable them to differentiate effectively to meet the needs of your child. For further information about assessments and reporting to parents please click here


We are passionate about transition from KS1 to KS2 and from KS2 to KS3.

KS2 to KS3

We currently share the following with secondary colleagues:

  1. all standardised test scores for English
  2. all standardised test scores for maths
  3. all Teacher Assessments for English, maths and Science including micro assessments made on our internal assessment system called target Tracker
  4. all talents and interests
  5. all core subject books go to secondary transfer schools for colleagues to evaluate
  6. SEND details – if your child has ever been on the SEND register, this will be shared alongside all assessments and emotional / well-being needs
  7. we meet with secondary colleagues at Fareham Academy to share and build on teaching and learning schemes of work
  8. Year 6 children spend a week at Fareham Academy prior to the end of the KS2 academic year
  9. All children attending alternate feeder schools to our main (Fareham Academy) attend Taster Days
  10. we have initiated transition projects with local schools to build on professional expertise
  11. we will remind you of application dates

KS1 to KS2

  1. you will be invited to all DBA mornings while your child is in Year 2 – this will enable you to become acclimatised to our learning environment
  2. you will be sent a comprehensive ‘Questions and Answer’ booklet while your child is in Year 2
  3. we plan ‘open days’ to allow you to visit us – you will be taken on a school tour by Year 6 pupils who will also be happy to answer any questions. You will also have the opportunity to meet with the Headteacher or Deputies
  4. your child will have opportunities to visit us to meet their new class teacher and to become familiar with the learning environment
  5. Y2 children have an opportunity to play on the playground in the summer
  6. Year 2 children come on one to one tours as appropriate
  7. Year 2 and Year 3 teachers meet
  8. our Inclusion SENCO will meet with the Infant school SENCO
  9. you will be invited to attend welcome meetings
  10. we have initiated transition projects with local schools and the Local Authority

The School Newsletter

The ‘Buzz’ will be emailed to you every fortnight on a Thursday. This newsletter will have an update from the Headteacher and will contain relevant details to keep you informed of all school events. Children who have been successful in securing school achievements will be named in the ‘Buzz’ to share how proud we are of them.

School Website

The school website contains a wealth of information to support you as a parent. You have access to our school policies and curriculum areas covered. Statutory information is also uploaded to enable you to access school results and details regards pupil premium funding.

Our school calendar is also on the website. All our planned events will be detailed for your reference.


We will email letters and communication to you. Please keep the school office updated with any changes you make to your address.


We will text you short messages and updates for your reference and as reminders.


We have a Facebook page which we update with key information and events. We try hard to reach you through this page by sharing the focus of learning in assemblies and from trips. Please like our page to follow us:

Home/School Planners

Your child will be given a Home/School Planner at the start of every academic year. You can use this to communicate with us and to share any key information. We will identify expectations of weekly homework through the planner and you will also be updated with behaviour points and merits.

Fab Phone Calls

If your child has done / achieved something exceptionally well, you will receive a fab phone call home in relation to them being an ‘epic’ learner. We have high expectations of all learners and expect them to be an A star student in school. if your child goes ‘above and beyond’, look forward to this call home.

Celebration Assemblies

Parents are welcome to attend celebration assemblies which are scheduled every Friday afternoon. You will receive a letter home to let you know if your child will be receiving an award.

Medical Room: Injuries at School  

If your child has been attended to in the medical room, you will be sent an email to inform you of the details of their injury so you can care for them effectively at home, knowledgeable of the accident at school. Naturally, should we need to contact you immediately, we will.