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We have high aspirations for all our pupils and are dedicated to developing emotionally intelligent, academic learners in partnership with you.





Safe Star


The school will ensure every learner feels safe and happy by:

  • Developing holistic learners in mind, body and soul
  • Raising aspirations and confidence
  • Ensuring learners feel valued, included, respected and secure


Children are asked to:

·         Have an open, enquiring and respectful mind

·         Seek help and advice from trusted adults when it is needed

·         Support and treat each other as they would like to be treated themselves


Parents are asked to:

·         Support children and the school as guided in core policies

·         Work in partnership with the school to support it to continuously improve


Talents & Interests


The school will build on pupils’ Talents and Interests through:·         Generating and extending ideas, looking for alternatives and suggesting

hypotheses through creative thinking

·         Developing learning relationships by building communication skills to

encourage curiosity and perseverance

·         Promoting problem solving through evaluating, processing information

and reasoning


Children are asked to:

·         Have a go

·         Practise hard

·         Build and share


Parents are asked to:

·         Support and encourage

·         Work in partnership with the school to enhance potential



Achievement Star

The school will develop academic risk takers through:

  • Optimal assessment for learning opportunities
  • Building on what learners know and giving effective feedback
  • An innovative, creative curriculum making learning vivid, relevant and fun
  • Opportunities to learn in specific roles as leaders, coaches, speakers,

listeners, ‘magpie-spies’ and independent learners


Children are asked to:

·         Try their very best and be adventurous

·         Take responsibility for their learning targets

·         Reflect, refine and improve


Parents are asked to:

·         Attend parental consultations

·         Support their children to achieve their best


RRR Star

The school will embed the RRR agenda in order to ensure children:·         Know their Rights

·         Know their Responsibilities

·         Show and share respect as citizens

·         Develop and explore social, moral, spiritual and cultural concepts to

identify and explore individual moral codes in a team environment


Children are asked to:

·         Adopt the RRR principles in practice

·         Take responsibility and accountability for their words and actions

·         Explore and be appreciative of RRR in other cultures and communities


Parents are asked to:

·         Support the school to implement and adhere to the RRR agenda principles


Social Skills Star

The school will develop and enhance interpersonal skills through:

  • A common language shared through the STARS philosophy
  • A curriculum which values creativity, cooperation & collaboration,

perseverance, independence, challenge and reflection

  • Developing the skills and personal qualities necessary for living,

contributing to and functioning effectively in a multi-racial, multicultural

and multi- faith society. They are taught to explore, respect and accept

diversity and recognise the difference they can make as individuals


Children are asked to:

·         Considerately develop social skills to explore learning

·         Respectfully question and challenge to establish a personal viewpoint


Parents are asked to:

·         Have an overview of curriculum topics explored and taught to support

learning at home

·         Model and support exemplar interpersonal skills to promote positivity




The half bee depicted in our school logo represents who and what we are now. The half which you cannot see represents who and what we might be in the future.

Working in partnership is the key to optimising success.

We are Life-Long Learner who Dream…Believe…Achieve