Ranvilles Junior School Curriculum

We enable children to have big dreams, believe in themselves, value and respect diversity, explore Britain and the world they live in, preparing them for the next steps and teaching them to be lifelong learners who Dream…Believe… Achieve…

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Learning is fun and ambitious at Ranvilles, personalised to challenge and meet the needs of all children. The children learn through topics, crafted into exciting and stimulating cross curricular learning opportunities which meet all the statutory requirements of the 2014 Key Stage Two National Curriculum.. This is underpinned by key progressive milestones which identify the skill level and understanding expected of the children at their age range. Quality Assessment for Learning influences programmes of study and milestones.
Social, moral, spiritual and cultural education (SMSC) is placed at the heart of our curriculum through our common values and the Ranvilles STARS. All topics are designed to promote the children’s SMSC development to enable them to grow and flourish into confident, well-rounded individuals, who are ready for the life the future holds for them.

All topics begin with a title, a concept and a question, making the National Curriculum requirements relevant to learners, their background and their lives today. Throughout their learning journey, the children explore and analyse the concept in relation to what it means to them and others. Engagement through real life and purposeful activities inspire and promote creativity and imagination whilst developing a deep curiosity for learning. The children are encouraged to be reflective of their own and others beliefs, valuing and respecting opinions, all the time building a firm moral grounding for what is right and wrong. Adopting the Ranvilles’ learning roles in learning, the children practise the skills of being a leader, a coach, a speaker, a listener, a scribe and magpie spy to reflect, debate and reach an answer to their starting question.

Our curriculum is enriched through planned trips to places such as Butser Ancient Farm, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, The Science Museum and The Natural History Museum to name but a few, all designed to enhance the children’s learning through hands on practical activities.  In the spring term of year six the children are also afforded the opportunity to participate in a week long residential trip to Marchants Hill (PGL centre) in Surrey focusing on promoting confidence, self-esteem and team building, encouraging the children to step out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves in an outdoor learning setting.

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