Ranvilles Curriculum – Exploring the World: Exploring Me…


Learning at Ranvilles is ambitious and fun, challenging children to be the very best they can be, enabling and supporting them to become, ‘Life-long learners who Dream… Believe…Achieve’ (school vision).

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) learning is at the heart of our broad and balanced curriculum. Children engage in EPIC school learning values to explore SMSC Lines of Enquiry through our principle intentions. Learners are encouraged to explore the world, themselves and their place in it. Learning journeys explore values children wish to uphold now and in the future, learning today for the challenges of tomorrow.

Our whole school values – Ranvilles STARS – underpin our principle intentions. In a rich, thought-provoking curriculum, children will explore different values and cultures far and beyond a homogeneous perimeter. They will be encouraged to explore, evaluate, reflect and actively engage in research, discussion and individual pursuits to establish considerate individual values. They will learn to:

  1. Be happy; feel safe spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically (Safe Star) 
  2. Recognise, practise and foster their talents and interests (Talents & Interest Star)
  3. Maximise their academic potential and outcomes (Achieve and Learn Star)
  4. Show respect and understand their rights and responsibilities (RRR Star)
  5. Communicate their thoughts and values with consideration.(Social skills Star)

Our diverse curriculum provokes thought and reflection in alignment with universal concepts; core questions linked to Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural learning (SMSC) drive collaboration and a quest for knowledge and understanding. We have designed a curriculum that meets the requirements of the National Curriculum, the needs of the pupils in our school and promotes the British Values of:

  • Democracy
  • The rule of law.
  • Individual liberty.
  • Mutual respect.
  • Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

Through carefully planned projects, the children develop as learners and explorers through our school learning values (our EPIC learning values):


EPIC School Learning Values
E Evaluation ·         I am EVALUATIVE
P Perseverance ·         I PERSEVERE (I practise, I can prove, I perfect)
I Independence ·         I am INDEPENDENT
C Challenge ·         I CHALLENGE myself
Cooperation and Collaboration ·         I work COOPERATIVELY AND COLLABORATIVELY
Creativity ·         I am a CREATIVE THINKER

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