Curriculum Rationale

Ranvilles Junior School Curriculum

What are the aims of our curriculum? 

Learning is fun and ambitious at Ranvilles Junior School, challenging the children to be the very best they can be, no matter what the subject. It is carefully personalised to ensure all children can access the learning at a level appropriate to them. Spiritual, moral, social and cultural learning is placed at the heart of our curriculum, endeavouring to develop the children into well rounded citizens of the future who leave our school ready for the next step in their educational journey.

How is learning structured across the school?

The requirements of the National Curriculum are broken down into topics across the school.  Each year group has three main topics across each term in which they explore a concept as well as a knowledge based topic. For example, in year four the children are exploring the concept of protection whilst completing local history and geography units of work based on the City of Portsmouth and our Armed Forces. We ensure all elements of the National Curriculum are covered whilst making learning relevant to the children’s interests and lives today.

How are subjects taught?

Subjects are taught through a cross curricular approach whenever possible. The children apply the separate subject skills to a topic focused context. For example, when learning about drawing from perspective in art in year 6, the children’s final piece is of a war torn street during the Blitz. They practise the skills before producing the painting. Skills are progressively taught throughout the school in order that children are improving in all aspects of the curriculum as they move through the school.

How is learning enriched?

Learning is enriched through school trips and visitors to the school. In addition to year group trips, the children will also visit four London museums – The Natural History Museum, The British Museum, The Science Museum and The Imperial War Museum – in their time at the school.  We are fortunate to have a school minibus which enables us to take the children out of school to experience ‘hands on’, experiential learning linked to their topics. In the spring term of year six the children are also given the opportunity to participate in a week long residential trip to Marchants Hill (PGL centre) in Surrey focusing on promoting confidence, self-esteem and team building, encouraging the children to step out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves in an outdoor learning setting.

How can parents help? 

The best way you can help your child at home is to talk about what they have learnt in school. Encouraging them to discover more about a topic at home through internet research, books or visits is also a great help.

We are always very grateful of support in helping school trips to go ahead, both in terms of financial contributions and volunteering on the day.  We endeavour to keep the cost of trips as low as possible; making use of our minibus to transport children helps greatly with this.

Parents are also a fantastic source of knowledge and skill.  We always welcome parent volunteers in the school, whether it is listening to readers or sharing skills and knowledge with a class or group of children.  If you are able to offer any help in school, please contact the school office who will forward your details to the relevant person in school.