Able Children – Masterclass

Reach for the Stars!
Science Materclass 1

Able scientists from across the school took part in our Science Masterclass, ‘Reach for the Stars’.  During the day the children found out about Newton’s Third Law of Motion, and how this links to the science of rocket launching. At the end of the morning session, they donned their safety goggles and launched some rockets, including stomp rockets and the very popular ‘Alka Seltzer’ rocket! In the afternoon they used all their expert knowledge to create, test and improve their own rockets, before the rocket launching competition at the end of the day.

Some quotes from the scientists;

“The day has been excellent – I didn’t know that much about rockets before!”.

“It has been the best day ever!”.Science Masterclass 2

“I have really enjoyed the science day, especially working with people of different ages.”.




Poverty at Christmas 

Fourteen children took part in our computing Masterclass linked to poverty.  The challenge for the children was to communicate an important message to the school about poverty through ICT, by writing and producing an interactive story about Robbie Ranvilles, a fictitious pupil at our school.  The children used a range of computer programmes to complete the story which included animation and sound effects.  They then presented their completed story to their classmates during reflection time, to spark a discussion about this important issue.  Website 1

Some quotes from the day;

Making the sound effects was the best bit, it was really hard but lots of fun!  

I worked with children I wouldn’t normally get to work with, and I think we did really well.  Website 3

I enjoyed making the animations, as it was something I hadn’t done before.


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