Homework 13.09.17

Homework at Ranvilles is usually issued on Wednesdays and is to be completed by the following Monday. Children are expected to read regularly, and practice their times tables and spellings as detailed on their homework sheets .If children are stuck with regards to their homework, please ensure they speak to their teacher before Monday when it is expected to be handed in. Please see the following homework for this week in the event of sheets being forgotten/mislaid.

Year Group     Homework sheet                           
Year 3           Year 3 Autumn term sheet
Year 4           Year 4 Homework 13.9.17
Year 5           Maths 13.1.17 A      Maths 13.17 B     Year 5 13.09.17 
Year 6           Year 6 English and Maths booklets will be sent home soon. In the                           interim please complete the sheets sent home. Seethe following for                       copies if needed:  HA board game questions                                                                                            LA board game questions                        

                                                    Negative Numbers Y6 no Answers HA                                                                          Negative board game