Day 2 at Marchants Hill

Well what a day it’s been! After the adventures of yesterday, the children were excited for the activities that lay ahead of them. Today was definitely very action packed with activities such as Rifle Shooting for the remaining groups, Zip Wire, Survivor, Abseiling, Powerfan and the Challenge Course. Four groups started the day getting their extra clothes required filled with a mixture of dread and excitement, some more than others. The Challenge Course is always great fun and it’s fantastic to see the children surprise you by rolling around in puddles and covering themselves in mud, especially the ones you wouldn’t expect it from!

The children continue to impress us with their desire to challenge and push themselves and they are showing some fantastic teamwork skills as well. It’s great to see them building new friendships and supporting each other and there have been some excellent examples of encouragement and working as a team to make sure they all have a great time. They are all doing brilliantly and we love the fact that so many of them are testing their limits and going beyond what they originally thought they’d do.

Tomorrow is another busy day with Climbing and Archery ahead for some groups along with other activities such as Low Ropes, Trapeze and many others. We are looking forward to the visit of Mrs Wallace and are definitely going to make sure she joins Mr Marshall’s group in getting as muddy as possible before jumping off the Powerfan in front of all of the children! Lots more adventures and excitement to come!