First Aid at Ranvilles- Discovering the “other” ABC that makes a difference!

Last year we ran an incredibly successful First aid after-school club where over 70 of our pupils from Years 3-6 gained their Level 1 First Aid. This year we are introducing these vital life saving skills into our learning journey at Ranvilles and teaching first aid to every single child. This program will run throughout the school year in a rolling programme, so rest assured it won’t be long before the children are asking to practice the recovery position on you, or demonstrating how to react in an emergency. ( You have been warned! ?)

Areas that will be explored include many of the conditions, occurances and situations that we might come across in school and daily life, from asthma to allergies, stings to seizures, and choking to CPR. The children will not only gain new experiences ( and have fun!) but also potentially have the knowledge and confidence to be the difference between a life lost and a life saved. Watch this space and we will keep you posted on our Ranvilles Responders of 2016-17.